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Get Money From Music - Suitable for Artists, Songwriters, Producers, DJs, Future Music Industry Executives, Students.

Maxcebo Method - These courses are suitable for those people who feel stuck, lacking self belief or who feel there is something missing in their lives.

Music Business Education with Bob James as your personal tutor, as taught in the best Music Colleges.
  1. Artist DNA Video Masterclass To Define your Artist Brand and Starting Point
  2. Everything you MUST know before you start your music career
  3. How to make money from songwriting
  4. 1-2-1 Help and Guidance via Mentoring and coaching Packages
  5. Group Masterclasses

Dive deep into your creative personal development with a personal tutor and mentor providing guidance directly linked to your career/path. 

These bespoke sessions are the ultimate guide to a successful career. Due to the personal tutor nature of these courses we only offer a limited number of these courses to select people who REALLY want to make it!

Personal Development and Wellbeing Video Courses. Learn at your own pace in your own time.
  1. Six Secrets to Fast-Track Your Creativity
  2. Starting Your Transformational Journey
  3. Setting The Right Intentions
  4. Setting Goals - The T.A.R.G.E.T. System
  5. Live Coaching Calls Registration
  6. FREE Introduction To Our Transformational Club
  7. Holistic Wellbeing Diploma Courses

Based on our Proprietary Maxcebo®️ Methodology You can start work here on your personal development and start to transform your life. 

These courses really do make a difference, we are so confident that they are backed by our full money back guarantee!

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What our delegates say - 

I came in contact with Bob James in a digital workshop where he made all the participants open up for another level of consciousness and touch a more profound ”inner/emotional intelligence” really. His passion for music, mindset, and wellbeing was just beautifully expressed and the focus of our 7 hour-long session. No one was left unmoved, I can tell you that - although we all had different backgrounds, cultures, and levels of expertise. But whether you are in the music industry or not, you will be forever changed by Bob's unique combination of professionalism, personality, experience, way of connecting with another human being, way of motivating and giving you the tools that you need to change your life. Needless to say, I strongly recommend Bob James - Ruxandra B - 2021

Latest News

Details on our latest courses

New Group Masterclasses

These are running through June 2022


A series of weekly 1 hour masterclasses covering those key topics that you need to be successful in the Music Industry. Remember knowledge is power! This knowledge is now available to the many rather than the few via this extremely affordable option.

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New series of courses launched!

Music Industry 101


The first of this series "How to make money from songwriting" is now available to book!

Aimed at songwriters, singer/songwriters, composers and for those who want to be Music Industry execs such as managers, music supervisors, publishers etc

10 week 1-2-1 Course delivered online via Zoom with Bob James as your personal tutor. Limited places available.

More Information

The second course in our Music Industry 101 Series is a 12 week course called "Everything you MUST know before you start your Music Career" and is also now available to book.

It is aimed at Artists, Managers, Songwriters and anybody who wants to work in the Music Industry.

It is our foundation course with the same content as taught at top music colleges and Universities.

This series of courses are not Video courses they are courses with Bob James as your own personal tutor, delivered online on a 1-2-1 basis.

More Information

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All Clients of The Maxcebo Academy and Get Money From Music receive invitations to all our 2 hour group coaching calls. These take place quarterly. If you have not purchased any of our courses or services you can still access these calls by Registering and paying a one off Registration fee of £10 (this one time fee covers access to ALL coaching calls)

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Check out our three transformational volumes - pay what you can afford!

Find your highest power & wellbeing with the Maxcebo Whole Again Transformational Club. A Series of PAYG Volumes that you can work through in your own time at a price you can afford.

Wholeness is the key to everything! When we move from incompleteness to completeness, we tap into our highest power and resources. We are whole by design but our thinking, life experiences, culture etc, influences our belief system which can either move us towards or away from our wholeness. The more we move away, the more separated we become and experience dis-unity, dis-satisfaction, dis-ease, dis-comfort, dis-order, dis-quiet etc.

The good news is all of this can be transformed, once you know how!

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